Birthday is a special time of year which brings along joy , fun and happiness. Greet your friends and family on their birthdays with messages, greetings, poems and more.

Send sweet surprises to your loved ones on their birthday. Its the birthday of someone hwo is just to dear to you. On this special day, send a warm birthday greteing wrapped with your love, affection, care and concen. Send them wishes for a shiny life and all the success they ever desired for. Your wishes means a lot. Just make an effort and make the day special for your loved ones.

As you blow the candles on your cake,
May every little wish you make,
Come true and shine through your life.
05/02/2014 10:05 am

Birthdays are a special time to get soaked in celebration. it gives you just another reason to be happy about yourself. Its the birthday of your loved one. Nothing is better than cutting a yummy and beautiful cake. Send a beautiful cake greeting wrapped with all your love and affection and send it to someone special on this very special day of his/her life

As you cut your birthday cake
and get soaked in the celebration
Here is a wish for
a whole lot of sweet surprises
coming down your way