Birthday is a special time of year which brings along joy , fun and happiness. Greet your friends and family on their birthdays with messages, greetings, poems and more.
05/26/2014 8:00 am

Your father is astounding in ways more than one. With priceless thoughts and amazing ways of care, he has forever been there for you. On his birthday send him this very thoughtful message and make the day just too special for him.

A person whose soul is pure,
Whose thoughts are priceless,
Whose love knows no boundary,
And whose wisdom is simply astounding,
Deserves much more than a simple birthday wish.
Wishing that you get all the joys,
a heart can hold on your birthday

You truly cherish the special bond of love that you share with your father. he has been through and through with you whenever you needed him the most. For all that he ever did for you, just send a warm message to him on his birthday and wish him a special day.

There may be many amazing fathers,
But none can compare you
There might be beautiful bonds between people
But nothing compares the beauty of our relation
I love you Daddy
Happy Birthday