Birthday is a special time of year which brings along joy , fun and happiness. Greet your friends and family on their birthdays with messages, greetings, poems and more.
05/20/2014 10:33 am

All that you want to do on the birthday of your loved ones is to hug them and let them know how blessed you feel to have them in your lives. Send this warm birthday greeting to your dear ones and let them know how much you miss being with them on their birthday.

Just wishing i would have been there with you
On this very special day,
cuddling you fondly and letting you know,
how much you are missed on your birthday.
Missing you fondly on your birthday.
05/20/2014 9:58 am

A special birthday wish for someone who is just very special for you need to be short and sweet. Send this sweet birthday message to someone who means a lot to you....

A simple birthday celebration,
A gathering of friends and loved ones..
Thats what I wish for you on special day
Happy Birthday
05/20/2014 9:56 am

Send this warm birthday greeting to your near and dear ones and wish them a day filled with lovely surprises.

Hope lovely surprises awaits you throughout the day
And may your day be enriched with happiness
Wishing you a Happy Birthday
05/20/2014 9:35 am

Its the birthday of someone you hold just too dear. Send them this wonderful happy birthday greeting to wish them a day that is only filled with happiness, joy and laughter abound. With this special birthday message let them have an exciting birthday.

On your birthday...
Wishing you a day,
that is surrounded with joy and happiness,
filled with birthday cheer,
wrapped with pleasurable moments,
brightened with lots of fun and
blessed with love of dear ones

Wishing you an exciting and funfiled

Every day we receive is definitely a gift from the Almighty. God gifted us with a beautiful life and we must thank God for this beautiful present by making the bets use of each day we have. Channelizing our efforts in just the right direction is what can carve a beautiful pathway for us.

Each day is a blessing from the Almighty.
Use your energies and efforts
to carve a beautiful life,
something you can be forever proud of.
Wishing you an year full of positive vibes

People seek blessings of others....however a beautiful life like this is a blessing in disguise. The moment we cherish our being on the earth, the moment we realize that we are blessed with a beautiful life, we can be soaked in the exhilaration of living a beautiful life.

You will feel your life is blessed..
The moment you realize you are blessed.
Wishing you a birthday filled with blessings and cheer

Its the 18th birthday of someone who is just too close to you. Let the m dance in glee and jump in excitement as they celebrate this important day of their life. Just inbox a pretty 18th birthday greeting card or scribble your feelings in a short and sweet message.

Have a super duper rocking and fun filled day
Dance in glee,
Jump in excitement,
And Sing with joy.
Wishing you all the joys your heart can hold
on your 18th birthday

Someone who is just very close to you is about to turn 16. A special day for him/her, where the person looks for ward to being treated specially. Send a sweet 16th birthday greeting card to the mailbox or post it the facebook profile page. You can also scribble a nice and heart touching message to make your loved one feel special.

As you start the sweet 16th year of your birthday
I wish all that is sweet in this world
be showered on you in the coming years
Wishing you a happy birthday

18th birthday is a beautiful moment in life. Its the time to seek beauty in everything around you and seek joyous moments from life. Send this beautiful 18th birthday greeting to someone who is just turning 18th by sending this sensational birthday greeting.

Seek beauty in everything around you,
Seek joyous moments in every moment you are gifted with,
Seek belief in yourself and achieve big things in life.
Wishing you a sensational 18th birthday
05/09/2014 9:35 am

Send this birthday greeting to wish style, charm and confidence to someone in a very unique style. Let their coming years be just blessed with your warm wishes and thoughts for a bright future

This birthday greeting goes out to someone,
who is just growing a little more sensational.
May you be blessed with more style, charm,
confidence and personality on your birthday
Happy 18th birthday