Birthday is a special time of year which brings along joy , fun and happiness. Greet your friends and family on their birthdays with messages, greetings, poems and more.
05/09/2014 8:51 am

16th birthday s a crucial stage of someones life.a time when a person is all set to take a new flight in life, career, excitement and thoughts towards the future. With a spring in the steps and a joy in the heart, the person is all set to embark new heights. make this day a little more special for someone who is just close to you and about to turn 16. Send warm 6th birthday greetings to them and let them know that you are a part of their special day.

Set your wings to take a flight
And soar
05/09/2014 8:00 am

To you your sister is like an angel, someone who not only makes life beautiful for you but who have been forever there for you. She guides you like a mentor and fills your life with happiness and loads of cheer. You can sure not repay her back for all the love that she showers on you, but you can definitely let her know how much you adore her for every little thing she does for you. Send her this warm birthday greeting and just let her feel special.

To me you are like an angel from heaven
05/08/2014 8:00 am

The bond that you share with your sister is just beyond everything. Its a beautiful bond between you and your sister and you are always proud of it. On this day of her birthday, let your sister know that you carry her forever in your heart. Send her all your love and special wishes wrapped with this special birthday greeting.

The beautiful bond we share
is most precious to me
and I hold it close to my heart
On your special day
sending you tons of wishes for a bright year ahead
Happy Birthday
To make a wish, to see a dream and to make an effort to fulfill it is what distinguishes an individual from the other. Wishing and dreaming are continuous process which is symbolizes that we are still breathing. There is no age, there is no time to see dreams and make an effort to fulfill it. Whenever you decide to do so marks a new beginning. So make sure that you keep dreaming and feel the youth within you.

Its the birthday of your darling sister. She has been your first friend, your first companion and the first to partner in all your ups and downs. In times of difficulty she has always been by your side wit ha share of good advise. For all this and much more you are forever obliged to her. On this very special day of her life, send your love packed in this beautiful birthday greeting.

You have been there with me
through good times
and bad times too
Through times when I always,
needed someone to
05/07/2014 8:00 am

The best present that you can gift your sister on her very special day is to send her wishes wrapped with lots of special love. Let her know that you forever pray for her joys to be multiplied manifold. With this special birthday greeting, let her get rejoiced in the birthday celebrations.

May your sorrows be divided and
your joys be multiplied
till they fly off the chart
Wishing you a fun filled birthday

Its your brother who makes you feel just so fortunate enough. He not only gave you pleasurable memories but made sure that every moment was worth being added to the memory album. If you are looking for a way to thanks him for all that and much more, why not begin with a lovely birthday greeting which says it all in a beautiful way.

With you by my side dear brother,
Time just flies away,
And I feel as a child again.
Thanks for all the wonderful memories,
thats part of my memory chest.
Love you
05/06/2014 8:00 am

Every little thing that she does is commendable. From the day she has been born, she has been the bundle of joy filling your lives with finest moments. Today is her birthday. On this special day send her a warm birthday greeting and let her know that you are super proud to have a daughter like her. This greeting is sure to bring a smile to her face.

You bring joy and happiness each moment
by enchanting little things that you do each day.
Wishing a happy birthday to my bundle of joy.
05/06/2014 8:00 am

Are you looking for a perfect greeting to be sent to someone who is just very dear to you? What about sending a birthday wish along with a cake? Send warm birthday blessings topped with some chocolaty love to the one you adore.

On this very special day
That embarks your stepping into this world
I just want to send sincere wishes
topped with all my love
Hope your birthday is just very special

Her being in your life is like a celebration each day. She has always given you a reason to celebrate. She i the reason for a number of moments that you cherish in your life. Through thin and thick, she has always been there for you and with you holding your hands. You truly treasure your sister. On her birthday, the best that you can of to make her feel special is to send a heart felt greeting and let her know that no matter where you are your wishes are forever with her.

As you blow your